Our brands

Grain products, milk powders, lemonade syrups and healthy snacks are important pillars of our product range. Our product development capabilities have brought the company to where it is now. New products have been developed as retailer-private labels as well as under our own brands. All of our products focus on healthy, nutritious foods.

Crème de la Cream
Our leading brand of healthy nutritious dairy- and breakfast products. For more information see www.cremedelacream.com.

A well balanced range of lemonade syrups.

A versatile range of bio baking products. For more information see www.sevenoaksfood.nl.

Julia's Delicious World
A high-end range of organic, hand-baked granolas. For more information see www.juliasdeliciousworld.com.

Chupa Chups
Zero sugar lemonade syrups with the flavors of the world's most famous lollypops.

We have a strong foothold and brand presence in China, a well established supply chain to China, and full certification to export dairy products (CNCA).

Our brands