True customer understanding

Kraft Heinz has been a trusted and reliable partner of ours for over 15 years and is a heavyweight in its industry. We package a wide range of products for them. Depending on their needs, they supply the raw materials to us or give us the confidence to take everything off their hands. Our agile packaging machines allow us to act quickly when they come to us with a product innovation. The versatile range of machinery allows us to serve Kraft Heinz with all their packaging requirements.

"We appreciate their transparency and their long term support for our company. With their constant emphasis on Food Safety and Hygiene, CDLC Group adheres to Kraft Heinz' very strict Quality requirements very well. They have shown to be a true partner for many years." - Ronald Buis, Leader Copack & SCQM Foodsafety & Quality improvement team Europe, Kraft Heinz